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Our People Behind the Scenes

Even though its a little store there are many key players involved.

Ed Brodecki - CEO - Owner and Operater

Georgene Thompson, CFO - Accounting
Daughter of Ed. She manages the accounts payable, and the accounts receivables for the store.  You will never see her for she is mostly found down the shore on the weekends partying like its 1999.

Jack Brodecki, Laborer
2nd Son of Ed also know as "Jack the Back".  Jack helps Ed sometimes with picking up large items such as docks and huge logs that might wash up in the yard from the Neshaminy Creek.  He offers flood support during the off season as well.  Jack is a self proclaimed entrepenuer so if you see him be prepared to discuss in a meaningless  conversation of real estate and investing.

Eric - CIO \ Web Designer \ Business Manager
Ed's last son.  Eric is a former Marine and now a Business Manager.  You will usually see Eric managing the store on Saturdays during the busy season.  Eric maintains the website and provides ideas to Ed on how to bring more revenue to the store.  However, Ed is not really interested in Eric's ideas. 

Darcy - Emergency Support

Darcy is the wife of Dave.  Darcy currently has no role in the stores operations but would serve as an admiral backup to the CFO or CIO in case of emergencies.

Sue - Laborer and AP/AR backup

Sue is the wife of the legendary Jack the back.  Not much is known of Sue's role with the store but she has been seen assisting Jack the back with lifting unknown heavy objects.  Sue also serves as an accomplished backup to the Accounts Payable and Accounts receivable departments.


Gordon Brodecki
4th Son of Ed.  Gordon is a light weight body building champion.  He is a personal trainer at Bally's Total Fitness.  You might see this guy around if he is looking for some protein out of Ed's fridge.  He is also known to throw parties in Ed's basement and not clean up after himself.  Of course this frustrates Ed with his famous line "these damn kids!".

Ron - Support/Security
Ron is Ed's son-in-law and provides labor and security to store.  In 2005 Ron played an integral role when Ed's dolphin mailbox was attacked by the Croydon bums.  He single handedly led a small group across the Neshaminy creek during night fall with a surprised attack that some compared it to the Nazi blitzkrieg on Poland.  It is unknown what events actually occurred but a peace treaty was struck between Ed and the bums and to this day hasn't been broken.

Dave Brodecki - Marketing
Dave is 3rd son of Ed.  Dave is an accomplished print salesman for a fortune 500 company.  You may see Dave at the store when he asking for Ed's carpentry skills.  He provides Ed with moral support and he feels that the store should be shut down so Ed can retire and relax.  Ed doesn't agree with Dave even though Ed complains with his famous line "No one helps me".

Mabel - Boat Yard Queen
Mabel (also called Maple Syrup) lives on top of the store and is labeled as the "Boat Yard Queen".  Many have fought for this title and it seems Mable has won.  Mabel watches the store when Ed does his famous home depot runs or when Ed is napping.  If you see Mabel be prepared to be engaged in a lengthy conversation that will be hard to get out of.